We have moved Headquarters!

The new facility will improve operational and organizational efficiencies within the Cooperative. It is designed to serve KEC and its members for 40-50 years, with room to expand in the future, if the need arises.

The new facility is located at:

1800 N US Hwy 181
Karnes City, TX 78118

*As of September 16, 2021 all business will be conducted at the new location.

The new 23,900 sq. ft. office building will consist of a member service lobby, a drive through window, and a 24/7 self-service payment kiosk, allowing KEC to quickly and efficiently assist members. The building will also house field service personnel, and feature a hardened dispatch center and server room, as well as a multipurpose room for employee training and meetings.

The remainder of the facility will consist of a material warehouse, a vehicle storage area, and a vehicle maintenance area. These facilities will allow KEC to store more material for regularly scheduled maintenance activities and new construction and allow the Cooperative to deploy quickly during major storms.

KEC prides itself in providing safe, reliable electricity to its members and looks forward to providing enhanced services to our membership upon completion of the new Headquarters building.

We look forward to seeing you at our new location!