What to do When the Power’s Out

1) In the event of a power outage, members should first check the circuit panel located inside the home. Also remember to check the disconnect panel on the outside, just below the meter base. If the breakers continue to shut off, members are encouraged to contact a licensed electrician.

2) Call Karnes Electric Cooperative at 1-888-807-3952. Be sure to follow all directions carefully.

3) Turn off all household appliances, computers, televisions, air-conditioning and heating units, etc. When power is restored, turn on items one at a time.

4) Click here to view the outage map.

*Outages determined to be on the members side, could result in a $75.00 fee during normal business hours and an additional $50.00 fee outside of business hours.

How to Report an Outage

There are two ways to report outages:

1) Use SmartHub from your web browser or the app on your smartphone.

2) Call our toll-free number: 1-888-807-3952.

Generator Safety

A generator can be a wonderful tool during an outage, but it can also be extremely dangerous if used improperly. Before you or your electrician installs a generator, please contact our office at 888-807-3952.